1. Biblical in its pattern. The sole textbook of the founder was the Bible.
2. Pentecostal in power, showers of the Holy Ghost like the day of Pentecost.
3. Evangelical in Ministry, souls-winning remains the torchlight of the church.
4. Ecumenical in outlook. The church interacts with others in God’s ministry and in the synergy of the collective efforts of all the chosen ones in diffusing the good tidings of Jesus Christ to every part of the world.

• Practical effect of prayers.
• Usage of candles, incense, water and olive oil.
• Usage of prayer gown.
• Barefootness before God’s presence.


1. Belief in the Trinitarian concept of God comprising the Triune – Father, Son and the
Holy Spirit.
2. Acceptance of the Holy Bible as the word of God, the Sword of the Spirit and a
Companion for Christians as Light in our path.
3. Acceptance of the mission, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ as the sure grace of God for remission of sins, redemption, adoption, justification and glorification of believers.
4. Acceptance of Salvation through faith in Christ.
5. Acceptance of the corporate body of Christ.
6. Acceptance of the Power of the Blood to heal and perform miracles through prayers of faith, laying hands and anointing.
7. Acceptance of the five-fold ministries of
• Apostles
• Prophets
• Evangelists
• Pastors
• Teachers
8. Acceptance of the ministry of gifts of 1 Corinthians 12.
9. Acceptance of scripture approved ceremonies and observances:
• Baptism by Immersion
• Communion of the Lord’s Supper
• Confirmation
• Extreme unction (anointing with oil)
• Penance
• Marriage
• 1st Day of the week (Sunday) services
• Veiling of Christian women in worship and the like
10. Respect for constitutional / state laws and authorities.
11. Belief in the 2nd coming of Christ Jesus.

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